• Description

    Hull: Scythe Class
    Role: Support Cruiser

    Built with special tracking support arrays, the Scimitar was designed in large part to assist heavy combat vessels in tracking fast-moving targets. Relatively nimble for a support cruiser, it can often be found ducking between battleships, protecting its own back while lending the behemoths the support they need to take out their enemies.

    Developer: Core Complexions, Inc.

    Core Complexions ships are unusual in that they favor electronics and defense over the "Lots of guns" approach traditionally favored by the Minmatar. Being a support cruiser, the Scimitar therefore fits ideally into their design scheme.

    Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 150% bonus to Tracking Link and Shield Transport range and 20% bonus to Shield Maintenance Bot transport amount per level

    Logistics Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to Tracking Link efficiency and 15% reduction in Shield Transport capacitor use per level

    Role Bonus: -50% CPU need for Shield Transporters

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