• Description

    ?Name: Basilisk
    ?Hull: Osprey Class
    ?Role: Support Cruiser

    ?Following in the time-honored Caldari spaceship design tradition, the Basilisk sports top-of-the-line on-board computer systems specially designed to facilitate shield transporting arrays, while sacrificing some of the structural strength commonly found in vessels of its class.

    ?Developer: Lai Dai

    ?Lai Dai have always favored a balanced approach to their mix of on-board systems, leading to a line-up of versatile ships but providing very little in terms of tactical specialization. With the Basilisk, their aim was to continue pushing forward the development of cutting-edge defense optimization systems while providing powerful support capability.

    ?Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus: 150% bonus to Shield Transport and Energy Transfer Array range and 20% bonus to Shield Maintenance Bot transfer amount per level

    ?Logistics Skill Bonus: 15% reduction in Shield Transport and Energy Transfer Array capacitor use per level

    ?Role Bonus: -50% CPU need for Shield Transporters and -50% power need for Energy Transfer Arrays

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